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Trade Signals

Dynamictrader trend analysis covers most markets and provide a short term and long term view. Markets are often in a trend of some nature and knowing which part of the cycle the price action is in provides opportunities for traders to exploit. Our signals are not on day trading basis but are more likely for seasoned traders who trade to win consistently where trades are for a week or longer duration.

Trader Data

This is where you could track our systems trades in real time and see where we stand on the basis of profitably and use similar risk management trading systems for your own trading portfolio.

Online Trading

ONLINE TRADING, Most online trading execution systems blend well with DynamicTrader live trade signals and intraday commentaries fed right into your online trading program. For full system integrations contact our offices today.

Liquid Markets

We do not trade products where the volume is non existence or its difficult to get in and get out. We do not also provide advisory on subjective items like crypto, bitcoin, nfts and many other products such as CFD's, these items are all traded off {OTC} market where costs of trade, commissions and leverage are against the trader.

Market Talks

IThis is where we advise clients on contrarian approaches when the world's fund managers are on the wrong side or the market gives us extreme values, we apply our contrarian approach, like where's the foolish money at and how the world best traders are doing the worst trades, a major psychological booster and information at its best, or when we know of a major options trade, swap movement or simply because the next guy is bullish. We have to be on the opposite side then and so far, its proven to work... Some examples A US Stock market guru after been bearish for many years turns to buy technology stocks in Dec 99 and advises the Nasdaq higher. The market just then peaked at his call and plunged 20% lower.

Systems Research

IWith on going systems research and range of different systems our number one system remains the trend trading dynamics system and as studies indicate that markets range or are sideways about 70% of the time, which means that during these times, pitfalls and drawdowns are common with other Trend Trading systems, we have been able to identify and correct those problems with our Trading dynamics concept which are volatility based parameters and anti-trend alerts.

Licensed Regulated

IWe do not participate in off exchange transactions or transactions with parties whose underlying motivations are subject to the authentic motivations. We only deal via Licensed Regulated Brokers and trade in products which are executed in markets clear and transparent.


IOur Brokerage commissions varies on the type of account selected. For Most clients who have access to our research and trade signals, our commissions are competitive charged as low as US$13.50 per side. For Full Service Clients these sums are slightly higher and for high volume clients, prices and commissions can be discussed.

We are only as good as our clients say we are.

Over the years we have managed and advised retail investors, corporates and family offices with their investments and capital in the financial markets.

Mr Simon Teo

Retail Investor

Client: Phillip GNI Futures Singapore Daniel Mankani was my full service broker and managed my trades on Dow Jones and the SP500 Futures, providing daily reports of buy/sell on the markets on a daily basis after market close. On a short term basis based on the trend trading dynamics system he regularly delivered consistent returns on a daily basis while also rolling over and adjusting values on long term positions.

Nick Low


I have learned a lot about trading and market psychology here.

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