Political events would keep you busy in 2017 
After two major political upheavals in 2016; Brexit referendum and Trump’s victory in the US election, 2017 is not going to be an easy ride either. The year could easily be marked as the year of political uncertainties. Below are the major scheduled political events that would keep investors on their toes.
The first one is the aftermath of the 2016’s major fallout and that is Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th president of the United States in January. Judging by his remarks, both pre- and post-election, one might assume a new era coming both in terms of economic and foreign policies.

In March, the British government is scheduled to trigger Article 50 and this could turn out to be a mega event for the year due to unprecedented nature.

Battle with ISIS in Syria would shape the foreign policies of two global superpowers; Russia and the United States in the first half of the year.

Next big one is scheduled through April-May and that is French election, where it is widely expected that Francois Fillon of the conservative Republican will lead the final battle against Eurosceptic National Front leader Marine Le Pen. The Latter win could lead to an exit referendum similar to that of the UK’s.

2016 saw the foreign allegiance of Turkey leans from the West towards East and the Country’s President is going to hold a referendum in the first half of the year which could make him more powerful than ever by making him executive President who could rule the country with as the undisputed head of both state and government.

For any investor, watching the moves of China is a must. So, all, eyes will be on China, when the country holds its 19th party congress in the autumn. This would lay out policies for the next five years.

The year could end with a bitter note if the current German chancellor Angela Merkel fails in her reelection bid in October. She herself has acknowledged that this is the toughest reelection she ever faced as Germans are disgruntled by her open door policy that has led millions of Muslim migrants into the war-torn regions of North Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Source: FxWire Pro – Commentary