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Bloomberg Reports Japan Adopts Stealth Intervention as Yen…

Bloomberg Reports - Japan Adopts Stealth Intervention as Yen Gains Hurts Growth. Something always speculated and suggested as the right way forward.
Feb. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Japan sold its currency five times in the final quarter of last year, the Ministry of Finance said on its website today, as the government moved to shield exporters’ earnings from the impact of yen gains.

The ministry’s quarterly data confirmed speculation that the nation carried out so-called stealth intervention following a record daily sale of 8.07 trillion yen ($105 billion) on Oct. 31, when the Japanese currency climbed to a post World War II high of 75.35 against the dollar. Japan sold a total of 1.02 trillion yen during the first four days of November, according to the report.

Technical - Stuck between 76.50-76.80 range, a breakout should occur to the upside, targeting 77.25/30 resistance levels. Break below 76.50 aborts.

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USDJPY Last 76.75 I am looking for a…

USDJPY - Last 76.75, I am looking for a bottom in the multi year down trend in USDJPY this year. Are the lows already in place, can't tell, is there a jerk of reaction below 76 figure, its hard to call, but it does seem a quite intervention is underway, JPY has seen the held up without much fanfare and some are attributing this to the much better than expected Employment numbers of last week.

Japan fell behind China, for the first time last year, this year {2012} it had it first trade deficit in almost 3 decades, reports also surfaced on the declining population in Japan and the stronger YEN is really affecting them.

The Koreans on the other hand are tasting success by overtaking most of Japanese corporations and the Chinese are also internally happy about the plight in Japan.

On the technical front, 76.80 is been tested, above here 77.30 is formidable. A break above here puts 78.20 back in focus, which am expecting to break this time around. This week we will also know about Japan's fiscal situation. Break of 76.40 aborts and puts the 76 figure back into focus.

Traders are wanting a Japanese Intervention to be able to short dollar at better levels, if a slow bid intervention is already underway, a surprise is in store for those, who are looking for tops to short, all BOJ has to do, is hold up the BID.

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An Interesting concept in Forex Trading http www…

An Interesting concept in Forex Trading, http://www.fxtraders.com
Auto bots trading systems, where by various systems are traded, users can view all systems and choose to ride on with any of the selected enabled broker, watch the trade signals in real time and ride on.

My personal take on this, very good mechanism and users can only do so on an automated bot, type of trading platform, most brokers allow integration into MT4 and various other platform, and users can choose from various ALGO's without breaking the bank account. See http://www.fxtraders.com

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Long @ 76.05 need 77.89 to confirm

Long @ 76.05, need 77.89 to confirm.

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Ponzi this day in history http www zerohedge…

Ponzi, this day in history, http://www.zerohedge.com/news/day-history-ponzi-schemes

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Market Stalling Are we done yet The rally…

Market Stalling. Are we done yet? The rally since last december seems like a never ending story, everyday up without fail or very small down, we are near the 52 weeks high on the DOW today, another 20pts and it would have been a New High. In this run up, the SP and Nasdaq are weaker in comparison, Whats going on here folks? Is someone holding the market up. That's the feeling that i get.....

Then if we look again, the dow only comprises of 30 Stocks, anyone buying these stocks up and providing the world with Hope, is certainly doing a very nice job.

The Baltic Index is near 2008 Lows.

In any case, I think today we have a chance of a turnaround, the Euro and the Dollar are both near their corrective levels. We were indeed oversold on the euro at 1.25 Zone, there had to be a short squeeze coming, when FX IMM currency bets were at the highest against the euro. The squeeze is here guys and think its near about done. Lets see if 1.3225 holds or not. I feel todays 1.3180 was about it, and we turn from around these levels.

Dow has given back most of its gains and its trading near its lows. It may break down into the close. if it does, maybe this could be the first leg down for the top.

Alternatively we may only top somewhere around March 2012. Lets see how this trade plays out. Taking a long stand on the USDCHF.

Break lower on the Dow, will take a short on the march dow or get some puts.

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Foreclosed property Listings http sell byowner com

Foreclosed property Listings, http://sell-byowner.com


Good move in early morning YM Short Long…

Good move in early morning. YM Short, Long Dollars Worked, Greece news related move, talks stalled. Currently squared. Mkts may attempt to close opening gaps. Sidelined for now. Want to get back in with same position at better ODDS, opening gap levels, if available, then repeat, rinse.

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Last 12405 1287.25 Key support now comes in…

Last 12405/1287.25

Key support now comes in at 12377/1284, A close below is required to confirm our trade, determining factor for keeping it overnight. Stops at break even.

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Only a move below 12150 on YMH2 we…

Only a move below 12150 on YMH2, we can safety say, a potential high is in place. We could just have a covering gap move today to the downside, by the looks of it, this market is acting dead.

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