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Inverse of SPX.

WhatsApp-Image-20160701The above chart shows SDS, which is the inverse of SPX. Its an ETF at the highs of 2009, while stocks were at the lows, it traded as high as 100. currently decimated at 17.85, it needs to break above 18.40 closing for the week, and target 19.22 by early next week, For the month of July, the max upside target is 23.50, which means stocks {SPX} will see lower lows beyond what we saw a few days ago.


Brexit creates historical crash of massive proportions.

ALL EYES ON 1950 on SP.

^SP500 (Daily)  24_2_2016 - 29_6_2016

Notice the short signal from last yr. till that turns, sell every bounce.

This down trending channel trend line ideally will cap every bounce from here on. Only a close above delays again, it's pivotal.

2037 X 2 - 2118 = 1956

Expecting markets to become unchanged by US open and gold higher by then, gold is already confirming break out from the congested 1300-1320 zone, a move above 1342 confirms it and 1367 above closing, brings in a new bull. 

India to possibly also ease off into its close as its options expiry and roll over session today. 

Once SPX turns negative by 5pts or Dow lower than 35-50 pts today, confirmation will be provided, that a short term peak is in place and a move down below 2005 SPX confirms that a move towards 1950 is underway.

Even if the mkt closes here or 2010 region. Bears are still winning, only those longs will worry on Friday.

Tomorrows closing will be well watched as its the second qtr closing, we need to give good looking reports to all those pension funds type of money, don't we?

Watch dollar yen breaking lower than 102 for direction and bias.


The Bankruptcy Of The Planet Accelerates – 24 Nations Are Currently Facing A Debt Crisis

The Bankruptcy Of The Planet Accelerates – 24 Nations Are Currently Facing A Debt CrisisBy Michael Snyder
There has been so much attention on Greece in recent weeks, but the truth is that Greece represents only a very tiny fraction of an unprecedented global debt bomb which threatens to explode at any moment.
As you are about to see, there are 24 nations that are currently facing a full-blown debt crisis, and there are 14 more that are rapidly heading toward one.
Right now, the debt-to-GDP ratio for the entire planet is up to an all-time record high of 286 percent, and globally there is approximately 200 TRILLION dollars of debt on the books. That breaks down to about $28,000 of debt for every man, woman and child on the entire planet. And since close to half of the population of the world lives on less than 10 dollars a day, there is no way that all of this debt can ever be repaid. The only “solution” under our current system is to kick the can down the road for as long as we can until this colossal debt pyramid finally collapses in upon itself.
As we are seeing in Greece, you can eventually accumulate so much debt that there is literally no way out. The other European nations are attempting to find a way to give Greece a third bailout, but that is like paying one credit card with another credit card because virtually everyone in Europe is absolutely drowning in debt.
Even if some “permanent solution” could be crafted for Greece, that would only solve a very small fraction of the overall problem that we are facing. The nations of the world have never been in this much debt before, and it gets worse with each passing day.
According to a new report from the Jubilee Debt Campaign, there are currently 24 countries in the world that are facing a full-blown debt crisis…


Costa Rica



Dominican Republic

El Salvador

The Gambia







Marshall Islands




Sri Lanka

St Vincent and the Grenadines





And there are another 14 nations that are right on the verge of one…

Cape Verde









Sao Tome e Principe




So what should be done about this?
Should we have the “wealthy” countries bail all of them out?
Well, the truth is that the “wealthy” countries are some of the biggest debt offenders of all. Just consider the United States. Our national debt has more than doubled since 2007, and at this point it has gotten so large that it is mathematically impossible to pay it off.
Europe is in similar shape. Members of the eurozone are trying to cobble together a “bailout package” for Greece, but the truth is that most of them will soon need bailouts too…
All of those countries will come knocking asking for help at some point. The fact is that their Debt to GDP levels have soared since the EU nearly collapsed in 2012.
Spain’s Debt to GDP has risen from 69% to 98%. Italy’s Debt to GDP has risen from 116% to 132%. France’s has risen from 85% to 95%.
In addition to Spain, Italy and France, let us not forget Belgium (106 percent debt to GDP), Ireland (109 debt to GDP) and Portugal (130 debt to GDP).

Once all of these dominoes start falling, the consequences for our massively overleveraged global financial system will be absolutely catastrophic…
Spain has over $1.0 trillion in debt outstanding… and Italy has €2.6 trillion. These bonds are backstopping tens of trillions of Euros’ worth of derivatives trades. A haircut or debt forgiveness for them would trigger systemic failure in Europe.
EU banks as a whole are leveraged at 26-to-1. At these leverage levels, even a 4% drop in asset prices wipes out ALL of your capital. And any haircut of Greek, Spanish, Italian and French debt would be a lot more than 4%.

Things in Asia look quite ominous as well.

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INDIA NIFTY – Has 5400/5420 in view. This guy is not falling!

The last few sessions in the markets have been breath taking, Just a few days ago on FRIDAY, HOPIUM rose and the markets became once again happy go lucky!. Despite the geo political arena getting hotter, American Ships in the straits of Hormuz, plus IRAN completing their war cry exercise and demonstrating its war capability, and selectively saying, "Don't mess with me, I have the fire power", its possible, the USA now discounts the IRANIANS for all their empty threats.

Last year IRAN warned "No ships shall pass my seas" and a US SHIP turned back and headed further away, with that, IRAN said "IF YOU COME THIS WAY AGAIN!, I SHALL TAKE CARE OF U!.  A week later, when the SHIP returned, IRAN did nothing.

A whole lot of empty promises and lack of management displinary skills of IRANs arm forces, indeed raises many doubts, but then again, they have shown more than once, their inefficiencies, an example how they were not able to handle the naughty behavior of STUXNET or when their mililary depots blew up, due to "improperly of storage weapons" techniques.

A whole lot of questions are always raised, when it comes to IRAN, the sabre rattling has started to become boring, this could be the underestimation both parties could make, leading up to the escalation in world war three.

The USA may just push it further and strangle the IRANIAN even more, before the IRANIANS make the first move, due to fear attack.

indeed escalate world war 3, and the IRANIANS will indeed give them a tough fight, which will solve USA's economic problems and the Industrial War Complex will once again have their way.



GLOBAL MARKETS-Stocks, euro surge on EU bond support



By Chikako Mogi

TOKYO (Reuters) - Asian shares and the euro surged on Friday after European leaders agreed that euro zone banks could be recapitalized without adding to government debt and opened the way for tapping a rescue fund, soothing fears over growing credit strains in Italy and Spain.

European Council Chairman Herman Van Rompuy said the aim was to create a single supervisory mechanism to break the "vicious circle" between banks and sovereign government debt.

He also said countries complying with EU budget policies would be able to access the bloc's temporary EFSF and permanent ESM rescue funds to support their government bonds on financial markets.


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