Daniel Mankani "DynamicTrader – Trend Trading Dynamics" Trading for a living, systematically profiting from longer term trends.


Market Forecasting.

Each time the market falls, our office gets inundated with various calls, inquiring on what to buy or what to sell and we also get calls from concerned clients all the times, who have noticed the differential increase/decrease of the accounts funds performance.

Just at the start of a larger move, these are the first signs for us to usually stand up and pay attention. Which we usually do, infact we are watching the entire world and its developments and use this as our base understanding of fundamentals behind the product commodity asset we are trading. With this information, then we usually begin our next strategic phrase of trading the markets.

Which we refer to as technical analysis. As a market analyst, we invest in charting systems, we develop new algorithmic calculations to identify best probability levels of a trade and then we execute those trades in a systematic manner, remaining true to the system, till either conditions are met. Boom or bust.


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